Start a Project

Process for Launch a Proposal

Innovators wanting to present their business startup innovation proposals through the website to solicit funding for creative ideas shall make proposals to crowdfunding platform operators. Proposals must be made in accordance with crowdfunding website regulations and procedures. For example, innovators may need to become members of respective websites and provide basic information accordingly before presenting their business startup innovation proposals.

Business startup innovation proposals must be assessed according to the crowdfunding platform operators and TPEx before being eligible for launching. Crowdfunding operators will first examine the business startup innovation proposal, ensuring that its contents do not violate any related laws, public orders, or cause any controversy from a morality perspective. Upon this confirmation, TPEx will check if they do not violate public orders and then allow the business startup innovation proposal to be released on the “Gofunding Zone”.

The only function of the TPEx Gofunding Zone is to release innovative projects.
TPEx does not take responsibility for any violation of relevant laws or regulations, funds not transferred to innovators or any other legal or tax liabilities incurred by the related innovative projects or platform operators.