Welcome platform operators to join the zone

Gofunding Zone Registration for Crowdfunding Platform Operators

TPEx has established “Gofunding Zone User Management Approaches” in the aim of providing clear bilateral cooperation regulations in regards to cooperation content, related procedures and rights and responsibilities for platform operators and the TPEx.

TPEx requirements stipulate that platform operators who would like to join the TPEx “Gofunding Zone” must be obligated to set up control mechanisms for business startup innovation proposal review, fund payment/reimbursement execution for successful and unsuccessful proposals respectively, monitoring implementation of business startup innovation projects that have successfully raised money and crowdfunding website data protection. After confirmation of the establishment of the abovementioned mechanisms, platform operators shall fill in the application form, and with the required documents, register with TPEx.

TPEx shall review applications from platform operators and on the approval of TPEx, the platform operator must sign the “Gofunding Zone Platform Operator User Agreement” before using the “Gofunding Zone” to release business startup innovation proposals.

The only function of the TPEx Gofunding Zone is to release innovative projects.
TPEx does not take responsibility for any violation of relevant laws or regulations, funds not transferred to innovators or any other legal or tax liabilities incurred by the related innovative projects or platform operators.